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Lost in Random

An homage to dark fairy tales and stop-motion animation with a tincture of Tim Burton and the Brothers Grimm, Lost in Random is an action-adventure game centered on a young girl's quest to rescue her sister, spanning six realms and a world of darkness and shadow. 




EA Originals





Type of Work



Key Art

Working with the indie Swedish developer Zoink, my goal as Creative Director of Brand was to bring to life all the dark glamour and charm of this action fairy tale. 

Bringing the title to market through EA Originals involves a large-scale cross functional endeavour, with a cadence of Teaser and Key Art scaled for a multitude of channels. The design system consists of robust and flexible elements to see the game through launch and campaigns.

Working through Zoink's very specific and passionate feelings for the logo was a treat, with much time and care devoted to the concept, illustration, letterforms and texture. 

Partnering with design agency Ten Gun and Key Art finishing agency Mighty Canvas, we created an evocative design persona fulfilling the game's dark fairy tale promise. 

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