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Gaming Live Services

The most important strand of the globe-spanning EA SPORTS mega franchise.

– The Athletic




2019 – 2024



Type of Work


Campaign Design

Design Team

Ravin Edrisi

Jon Wang

Cynthia Ly

Kaus Villojan

The Ultimate Team game mode is core to the FIFA and FC franchises and the accompanying live services is a major portion of EA's $1.7B revenue in live services sales in 2023. 

With 20+ campaigns each yearly cycle, the top tier AAA campaigns are challenged to stand out and surpass year on year. 

A unique creative challenge involves keeping the core of each offering while elevating and differentiating each year. Collaborating closely with the game development team, the Marketing team under my leadership helped elevate the visual quality of athlete Items and the motifs to support them. 

Team of the Year

Agencies – I Love Dust, Two Fresh

Vendor partners – Gilbert Trophies, Hemlock Printers

FIFA Men's World Cup

Agency – Cinco Design

Nike Mad Ready

Agency - Two Fresh

Future Stars

Agencies – Two Fresh, BUCK, I Love Dust

FUT Birthday

Agencies – Burn & Broad, I Love Dust