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Defy Reality. Own the Planet. SSX is the reboot of a groundbreaking franchise that started with SSX and SSX Tricky, published under the much-loved EA SPORTS BIG brand. Featuring real world, NASA satellite mapped terrain, this one offered the most extreme descents ever. 

Developer & Publisher






Type of Work


User Interface 

In the initial concept development of the User Interface, I worked with Game Designers and Tech leads to problem solve around the first working tagline, Shred the Planet.


Harnessing the innovation of NASA satellite technology, the notion of spinning the planet and dropping in from the outer atmosphere  proved exciting.

Developing pre-visualization prototypes, we delved into transitions and timing to keep the adrenaline racing as players roamed from peak to peak in search of the nine deadly game descents. 

Skinning the generated terrain with region-specific graphics gave the gaming interface a truly global, immersive feel. 

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