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Gears of War

Gears of War is a storied gaming franchise based on its initial classic third-person shooter and evolving into one of the top, iconic gaming series. The Gears brand now comprises strategy gaming and a transmedia universe. 


The Coalition 


Xbox Game Studios


2015 - 2019



Type of Work


User Interface


Key Art


Licensed Products

Design Team

Tiz Beretta

Yang Zhang

Haiwei Hou

Eli Treviño

As Art Director, I lead various teams from in-game UI concept development to building and leading a team of Marketing artists, designers, and editors.

Establishing an innovative workflow to partner closely with studio talent, we found ways to channel the fidelity and power of Unreal Engine directly into Marketing assets such as Key Art, large format Out of Home, and game mode and campaign renders. 

Launching products as wide-ranging as the next installment of the classic console shooter alongside the tone-shift of the Gears Pop! Funko appeal, we kept the Gears core consistent throughout. 

Partnering with Xbox Marketing and various partners such as Dark Horse Comics and Mondelez International, we created assets as diverse as licensed merchandise, comic book covers, and Gears games artbooks. 

Gears 5

Key art, Game Mode, and Marketing renders

Gears of War 4

Branding, UI concepts, Live Services, Campaigns

Gears Tactics

Turn based strategy game – Key Art and Marketing renders

Gears Pop!

Real-time strategy mobile game with stylized Funko Pop! Gears characters – Key Art and Marketing renders

Licensed Products

Art books, apparel, collector's items